Running Goals Now that I’m Feeling Better- Hartford Half and (Oooh yeah!) NEW YORK CITY

I will be playing Andrew WK in my head for the next 5 months.


So I’ve had a few great runs! My fitness and speed aren’t what they were – but hopefully everything bounces back quickly.

Feels like coming back from hamstring is going to be 🔥🔥🔥! Thinking goal for hartford half 1:27. Goal for NYC maybe 3:10-3:15. I don’t believe this is an easy course but with enough prep, timing, recovery, rest- it’s doable. 22 week plan for NYC.

June first starts “real” training, a two week site seeing break in Scotland (mileage moderate no speed/intensity work or 12+ milers) another “off” week or two for trail Ragnar in August.

Mini taper for Hartford half marathon October and full three week taper for November. Have to account for getting very busy at school and peaking when shit starts to hit the fan at work.

I wrote 2 whole blogs about running in Mexico City and one of them disappeared and I’m pissed.

Have a good week!

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