How Do Ladies Do This Shit Without a Functional Bra?

It is very distracting to do yoga on the beach in an actual bathing suit. Minus the wave dilemma, the sports bra was a better experience. Thank god I was the only person on the whole beach. I’m not willing to say there were boobs in my experience or not, I’m just saying how can you be mindful of a pose when a nip is about to pop out?

Mid upward facing dog, trying to open that chest and get a little back bend, then it gets cut short because oh god there is a boob! Again, just using my imagination. Totally have no idea what that would be like. I mean barely even have boobs anyway.

Ladies are on Instagram in their teeeeeenie tiny little bras and thongs, and I had a full coverage bathing suit and was wildly uncomfortable.

This concludes my yoga on the beach series. Will I try it again? Sure. Probably. Maybe with a mat, maybe on another beach. Hey! Maybe I will hit Long Island Sound this summer and do some yoga and see what happens. Maybe more clothes. Hope you enjoyed me being stupid. I love yoga, and I love the beach.

Until then, you’ll be able to catch me at my yoga studios, and you’ll even catch me at the park this summer! And FYI, I’ll be fully dressed.

Other funny experiences coming soon anyway at Crossfit, and the beginning of marathon training. Namaste.

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