I am currently completing my RYT 200 at West Hartford Yoga. I completed my 200 hours and now it is on to book reports, assisting, and putting it all together. I am also an RCAA certified run coach. I love yoga and running, and for me they overlap and compliment each other. This blog is going to talk about some of the nitty-gritty aspects of both running and yoga. Ever have to poop? How about boob sweat? What makes me different than other coaches and teachers is I work hard, I do my best, and I’m also real.

I originally used yoga as a form of recovery for the physically stress put on my body in work and in my marathon training.  I can teach power yoga, which I learned at West Hartford Yoga. I also love yin yoga. Yin makes you sit still for long moments at a time to stretch the connective tissue. Yin is really the reason I can run at all. I finally began to find mental peace and strength in addition to discovering the benefits of physically caring for my body. These benefits turned  up in sports, yoga, and overall changed my life. 

Running is fascinating because it gives people a chance to be their best self, defy their own odds, and set and achieve goals to prove that anything is possible. My running has turned into some weird adult version of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”  In the beginning I just wanted to run a marathon- I ran Hartford in 4:05. Then I wanted to qualify for Boston, which I achieved 3:21 in Lehigh Valley the following year (I worked really hard but I was still surprised.) In Boston I fell in a pot hole and sprained my ankle on mile 8, but completed the race in 3:55. The ankle thing you will see is a repeating pattern.

I love helping others. My goal is to share my journeys in yoga and running with you, but to also help others achieve their goals as well.