Waves are Rowdy, Sand is Hot, I Need a Mat.

I’m going to tell you right now that beach yoga and photography made me feel foolish. Just in case you haven’t caught that yet. My experience made me feel like I was unreasonable. I mean it was a nice quiet beach and I had nowhere else to be. I’ll admit the photography wasn’t necessary. At all. I have one great video where I’m flowing and huge wave came up and I had to chase it to get my phone before it drowned. With that, I leave you with this:


I Would Show You a “Fancy” Pose, but I’m Dying

I love looking at other people’s complicated and sophisticated yoga poses on the beach. Show me how bendy you really are. I think it’s so cool! Obviously the physical part of yoga is just a small piece of a bigger puzzle. Therefore, I can’t compare myself to others based on their physical practice. It’s not healthy. Sometimes we all do it anyway. I think. I DO have funny stories of me doing stupid shit that prohibits me from obtaining ultimate bendiness. Let me tell you about it.

Anyway. Here is my warrior 2 with eagle arms, and that’s because from jumping on the bed and sleeping funny and sitting on airplanes, my shoulders actually felt like they were going to pop. After a huge long $50 90 minute Mexican massage, I still had a knot the size of Montana next to my spine were I landed in bed-jumping a few days prior. I may never actually jump on a bed again.

I DO win extra yoga points in my head for attempting to cure this horrible problem by breathing into that knot and acknowledging that ignoring it will not help. Always pay attention when shit hurts. I learned that the hard way. Also knew attempting a pose I’m not ready would be silly.

Can you hold poses like warrior 2 with strength, love and integrity? That to me, is good yoga. Can you notice what makes you uncomfortable and accept it? That’s what’s up.

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Beach Yoga: So Many Of My Favorite Poses Are Sitting On My Bottom

I feel like my last post was pretty insightful. Now let’s get a little silly, but still realistic.

A towel never would have withstood the wind, and I didn’t even mess with attempting to bring a mat on the plane.

One of the problems I encountered during my beach flow is I just really wanted to lay down and flop around. I will mention something about waves in another post- but the sand was WAY too hot.

Too hot for my feet, never mind if I was going to try sitting down for a forward fold or butterfly. All poses that I would have liked to do sitting down, had to be attempted standing up. This includes getting kinks out from sitting on airplanes to get to Mexico City and then to the beach.

The conclusion and point is, my practice usually includes me rolling on the floor in my sweats, so in this way beach yoga was not good for my low-key (maybe sometimes lazy…) yoga lifestyle.

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Daylight Savings Will Save Me

….From going crazy soon. I want a full day of light and warmth. A lot of my social media stuff has been about working out lately. Working out is cool but what’s going inside everyone’s heads right about now? SPRRRRIIIINGGGGGG!!!!

Most of us tend to look inward during the winter. Me? I’m around people so often that once the days are short and cold you’d be hard pressed for me to respond to a text, let alone see me in person or catch me ready to hang out. Once March rolls through and the snow begins to melt (ahem, except when we have last minute nor’easters!), I feel happy and hopeful. My favorite seasons are May and June. Once that Justin Timberlake meme starts rolling through my social media I know it’s “GO” time again.

Daylight savings means spring is coming. I tend to wake up and move outward. Clean out my house (sort of), open the windows, and reconnect with anyone I may have neglected during the winter. Last spring I *really* tried to be the best person I could be- but hey shit happens. All the warm weather and yoga and running and sometimes we still lose our shit. Watching my dog slowly die for several months being one of them. Getting injured in Boston- and beginning my spring with a big rain cloud over my head. What will change this year?

As I turn a new leaf I want to make space to foster positive energy. My intention is that I think about things I like to do and what I’m passionate about- and do them with purpose, grace, and love. My hope is that everyone else can do that, too.

Angry pose 2: Frog

Frog, or, we will call it “angry frog” is a huge athlete stretch in my book. It stretches your inner hips and groin- and can lesson likely hood of knee injuries. The anger and strong sensation in this pose subside a little with fun memories. We used to do this pose every day for roller derby- which was a safe place to be silly with your friends- and my teammates would have twerking and booty shaking contests from this stretch.

This pose can be a lot when you are quiet in a yin position for what feels like a million years. It pulls all the connective tissue, and you can pretty much feel stuck like that. If you can breathe through, you’ll walk different when you’re done (probably).

Anyway, it’s all in context. Stretching for thirty seconds while shaking your booty with your friends – this pose isn’t so bad. Really holding and opening that connective tissue hurts and activates anger for me- but it’s always worth it.

Angry Poses: Lotus

In this picture I’m sternly contemplating how I️ can painlessly undo this pose- so not mindful here. Also I️ have a crooked hip. Also extremely uncomfortable.

I’m going to release this series with a disclaimer: these are all in jest. A pose is different every time you do it. If you change the way you approach and perceive a pose, use your body to breathe into it, and let go of your shit- you can transform any pose. That being said, different poses hit different meridian lines that may trigger different feelings. Some of these just make me uncomfortable.

It doesn’t necessarily make me angry, mostly just nervous. I️ don’t even know how I️ got my feet as far into Lotus as they are for this picture!

The biggest problem with Lotus is if I️ my hips are flexible that day chances are my ankles are stiff. Once I tie my legs up into their spot my other problem is staying that way. Every second in Lotus is like an eternity for me. Then, whenever I️ come out, I️ have to physically pry my feet apart. Then they snap into the floor and make a loud bang and it hurts.

My Favorite Poses… Runner Up

Ever since Chicago my hamstrings have really been telling me to go fuck my self. Actually my right one is a lot more angry at me than my left. As you can see I️ can’t get very far. Shit hurts. Can’t fold over my leg- and this is my agreeable side.

I’ve never been a “split” person. It’s amazing when you’re looking around the room (bad bad yogi- just focus on yourself) at who can and can’t do a split. I️ think you’re either a split person or you’re not. I️ see 90 year old ladies just pop into splits. What! Splits are mind blowing to me.

I️ may have told this story before. Oh well… The only time I️ ever almost did a split I️ was doing it out of anger. I️ was thinking about how much I hate racism, not focusing on my breath, and pushing down prying my hips open with my fists digging into my mat with every ounce of strength and anger I️ had. Yeah no. Anger works with all my other hobbies but not really yoga. When I️ realized I️ was going to pop my hip off and go to the hospital in one more second I️ laughed and stopped.

Favorite pose #3: low lunge with side bend

Ok full disclosure I️ didn’t learn this from some yoga guru I️ actually just stole it out of a sleazy fitness magazine a few weeks ago.

Sometimes I’m so used to keeping poses “standard” I️ don’t think how a small twist (or bend- haha) can really change everything.

When I️ do low lunge it opens a little… but I️ like subtle bending. Then when I️ begin to reach over to the side I️ can feel the stretch shift over in my inner hip flexor to the tips of my fingers. It’s hard to get into the psoas sometimes too, and I️ can feel it get in there. My friend and I️ were just talking about how our inner hips are messing us up. This has really helped!

I️ put this in many of my yoga for athletes sequences.

Poison Ivy. Real Evil Bitch. (Caution: TMI but if you had a weird or bad week this will make you feel a lot better probably)

OK well I just warned you. I have a friend who had to go to the bathroom at some point during a run a week and a half ago and wiped their dumbass (no pun intended…) with poison ivy because they had never seen poison ivy before nor gotten it. It also somehow got on their arm. Said friend was just going back to work, so went back to work extremely uncomfortable, thought it was some kind of dust mites or something from cleaning- it was still new- wasn’t really sure.

Fast forward the next night- FULL fledged poison ivy on friend’s private parts and butt. Said friend still not sure but while sleeping at night scratched the shit out of it and probably spread it a whole bunch.

The next day my friend gets their period. The next day is cramp day and said friend is bloated, has poison ivy on their privates, AND their period cramps when they have to go to a photoshoot to promote a business they just became a part of. Needless to say my friend does not feel cute- but some of the pictures came out nice anyway I think.

This friend, still doesn’t really get what’s happening- runs the Whethersfield 10K on heavy flow period day and also with ass covered in poison ivy. Doesn’t do as well as they’d hoped in the race. SHOCKER.

My friend then has their spouse look at it- spouse has a meltdown- they get benadryl and calamine- it burns- it’s kind of starting to heal. Friend kicks off the first day of school with their heavy flow, and poison ivy in their privates. Now we’re partying.

Friend tries to go to gym, coach calls them an idiot, tells them they can stretch and go home and don’t sweat or it’ll spread.

Friend covered in calamine all the time- see’s a friend who’s a nurse a few days later. Nurse friend tells my friend poison ivy in your privates needs steroids because it’s a “wet crease” and will never heal.

So Friday my friend goes to the doctor- friend shows the 65 year old man her butt cheek. he says “You have a rash.”

No shit.

“Take some Aveeno anti-itch lotion.” WHY IS MY FRIEND PAYING A COPAY THEY KNOW THEY HAVE A RASH.

My friend paid a 65 year old man some stupid copay to check out her butt for no reason.

My friend made the doctor give her prednisone because she’s there and her nurse friend told her to. Waits a million years at the Walgreens, takes her alotted dose and proceeds to get FUCKED. UP.

A few minutes later my friend’s mom texts them will all the negative side effects the steroid had on her grandfather, and on her mother. Hyper, over-hungry, weird dreams, doing weird shit for no reason. My friend was also drinking a beer- got super fucked up more than usual safely on her couch and ordered takeout she didn’t want with her husband.

Talked some shit to a local restaurant because they had no vegetarian options. My friend isn’t vegetarian but wants there to be options.  She’s been on the pills ever since and luckily is noticing the hyper but also has just been having kind of weird (but not gross) sex dreams. With this issue going on two weeks my friend would have retitled this post “leaves of 3 no sex for me.”


I had a rest week. Ran 14 miles pretty fast on Saturday. Did LOTS of yoga on Sunday. I’ll write about this ASAP. Ran my 22 miler today. It was pretty good- just hot again. I ran it kind of slow but anything over 20 slow and steady is the name of the game- I was running my 22 miler at 9:30min/mile pace last year and my marathon pace was still 7:47 it’s just about chipping away at the mentality of it.

I ran the Wethersfield 10k- it was fine. I could have done a little better but I didn’t feel great, I didn’t warm up enough, and therefore wasn’t focused.  I put it in the calculators and my 10k pace puts me at a 3:04-3:10 marathon. Honestly I’m feeling a litttttttle burnt out and at this point I’m less interested in Sub 3 marathon and more into getting this shit over with so I can sit on my ass or go pick a pumpkin or something. Also focus a little more on teaching yoga.

I will say I took a vinyasa and yin class with Melissa on her opening weekend at Ignite- and she is such a good teacher. I used to go to her classes all the time. When I stopped working in New Haven and ended up in the middle of a shooting in the parking lot after Kami’s 6pm class on a Thursday I just sort of stopped going to Fresh. She can talk about all the parts of your body and also verbalize a self help book for your life.

I actually remember the first time I took her class- before I “did yoga,” I was just sort of showing up not knowing what’s going on- in 2012 (I think) and thinking: “She seems so cool- she’s smart and a good person- she uses yoga to focus her anger in a positive way. (yeah I am trying not to be an angry person) She’s only a little older than me, and I think I want to be cool like her.” The thought was clearer in my head than I can really explain- but anyway- for me- that’s why it’s so funny that things came full circle and she invited me to teach at her new studio. Then there I am with her in a promo picture- in a warrior 2 where I’m really not bending my knee enough but that’s ok I’m tight don’t hassle me.

See picture of my handy dandy running medal on my gram: jenncantsitstill

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Metta, Meditation, Positive Thoughts, and Focus: It Can Really Make Shit Happen

In February and March, Barbara wanted us to practice metta for ourselves and also for others. Heads up this is a little sad.

Here is a limited edition story- nobody besides my yoga family has heard this until now.

“So here’s a story. I’ve been trying to meditate and do my metta’s on a regular basis. At first I was feeling like “OK I’m doing this, but I don’t really understand the power of prayer.” In other words, I was doing it but also wondering kind of like “what’s the point?” So I read the first two paragraphs of “Loving Kindness.” It totally made sense and then I began to understand the point. On Monday my dog had to get brought back to the vet for her cushings disease. I’ve been kind of fed up with the situation- I probably would have put her down in December because she’s costing us $1000+ a month and making our lives really difficult. So on Monday I was expressing to my hubby how sad I was, and wondering what the point was to keeping her alive- She’s on 4 different drugs, and she’s in pain or high as a kite. Her eyes don’t even look right anymore. “She doesn’t even lick my face anymore!” I said to him. “She used to try to shove her whole tongue in my mouth. I just want my dog to lick my face again. She used to love kisses.” Last night I sat on the living room floor, starting to meditate, and she was doing what she does- pacing and looking sad, her eyes all weird looking- and I couldn’t really meditate because she was pacing and crawling around me. So I figured instead of ignoring my sick dog to clear my thoughts I would just do my love and kindness metta and offer it to her. I started to think it in my head, then I was mumbling it and she sat on my lap and I pet her while I repeated it. I had her head in my hands and we were nose to nose and for about three-five minutes she started to lick my face, for the first time in 5 months. She even tried to shove her tongue in my mouth (lol so gross) while I was repeating it. The minute I lost my focus and thought about taking her picture or telling people about it, I lost the experience. She wandered off and went back to being sick and not-herself. Anyway, it wont always be that obvious- but I really get the point now. Thanks for listening, friends!”

Here is what I said to her:

May you be filled with loving kindness, may you be be peaceful and at ease, may you be free from pain and suffering, and care for yourself and others joyfully.